[My 78 Tarot Cards] – Major Acrana: XVI – The Tower

của Hânn Nguyễn

XVI - The Tower

0 – Keywords

Disaster, Destruction, Ruin, Deception, Illusion, Ambitious, Unblindfold, Outcome, Prejudice, Experiences, Unexpected, Failure, Revelation, Suddenly

1 – Overview

– The Tower depicts a flash of sudden lightning from the sky to the tower. People in the tower fall out, which represents that the devil inside would be ended in pain and full of surprises.
– Whatever the tower was built of, it’s time for it to be completely destroyed.
– The Tower represents that your beliefs/ prejudices/ hopes need to be reconsidered and changed.
– Indicate that you made a wrong decision from the beginning but you still insist on it.
– Everything you try to cover may be revealed or revealed unexpectedly. Bad habits must be stopped.
– The Tower refers to a state of emergency/ the problem needs changing but at the same time mentions the reconstruction, rebuilding on the broken bricks.
– The Tower is an inevitable lesson to learn to accept failure, wake up, and grow up. Almost everyone has to experience the lesson at The Tower at least once in their lives.
– The Tower is a lesson about self-recognition of your position in society: be modest and careful with your thoughts.
– The end is sometimes the best start.

2- Character

– You have ambition in life
– You tend to be complacent about what you already had/ achieved.
– Easy to get mad or hard to understand your emotion.

3 – Daily Meaning

– Something unexpected happens and it has an effect on your belief in something.
– What you have built up from the beginning suddenly changes its direction.
– There is a quarrel, dissatisfaction, or conflict with your family, friends, especially your senior.
– The truth and reality are totally different from your own illusion.

4 – Job

– Consider things carefully before you get mad.
– Consider other opinions but also have your own point of view.
– Something happens out of sudden and makes you feel surprised (in a negative way)
– If there are too many things that make you stressed and upset, ask yourself about it.
– Don’t be complacent at work.

5 – Love

– It is not an ideal relationship to go further.
– It is better to meet and talk face to face
– Ask your partner what you question about them. Don’t try to guess or fantasize.
– Need private space, or your relationship is under stress. If you think you cannot get over it, you’d better break up.

6- Finance

– Do not take risks.
– The situation is not as bad as you may think.
– Keep calm and be optimistic about everything that would happen.
– Take responsible and face the problem.

7 – Travel

– There’s a possibility to cancel or change the plan.
– You should not / cannot go far.
– Poor preparation leads to inconvenience/ unhappy travel.



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