[My 78 Tarot Cards] – Major Acrana: XV – The Devil

của Hânn Nguyễn

0 – Keywords

Violence, Desire, Dependence, Addicted, Limited, Bondage, Sexual, Materialism, Passive, Bad Habit

1 – Overview

– The Devil indicates the responsibility for difficulties and temptations in life.
– The card shows the image of Satan arresting the male and female. Behind the man is the symbol of passion, desire (fire), behind the woman is the symbol of passion, addiction, pleasures (grape bunches) that make people lust.
– Satan looks like it is controlling them but in fact, it plays the role provoking. Escaping from the devil/temptation is our choices.
– The Devil indicates that you must have what you want regardless of whatever happens. You are immersed in your thought and only consider one side of the problem instead of thinking about different perspectives and free yourself from your bad habits.
– The behaviour in this card refers to immediate satisfaction rather than controlling and focusing on a long-term solution.
– Find your limit and try to fix them instead of blaming others.
– You tend to maintain your bad habits although you’re already aware of it, such as being addicted to smoking, games or madly in love with someone.”

2- Character

– Do not have a clear opinion about the issues that directly affect you.
– You’re often the person who gives up or being the “weaker” one in the relationship or even you’ve been used by your partner, friends,… in relation with them.
– Not really aware of your value or often underestimate your value
– Sometimes you’re marginalized but you have no opinion about it.

3 – Daily Meaning

– Couldn’t get rid of your bad habit and being passive and lazy
– You need to change yourself and find a positive attitude to cope with the thing happens to you.
– Remind you in the improvement of your self-control ability.
– Stop a poisoned relationship or you are gonna realize it.

4 – Job

– Your work is taking you so much time and making you tired and exhausted.
– Whether the working value you created is worth the effort you made or not?
– Be responsible for the assigned task.
– If you feel uncomfortable or insecure, you could leave or hold on the tasks/jobs in a moment, you need to blow up your mind.

5 – Love

– Either one or both of you are heavily dependent on the other. 
– Not an ideal relationship in the long term, you should spend time considering carefully this relationship: it is should be the right time to leave.
– In bad situations, it could end up badly or your relationship is being abused.
– You need time to learn how to love your self instead of making your partner satisfied and let them above your needs, your wishes.

6- Finance

– You need to be careful when doing your investment.
– Need financial help from the trusted one.
– Should have some backup money in case of difficulties.
– You are lending or borrowing too much money. Don’t buy the thing you don’t really need, think many before deciding to buy.

7 – Travel

– Your travelling is being stagnant or dependent.
– It’s difficult to go travel and you still have some problems to solve.
– You have not been decided and well-planned yet.

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