[My 78 Tarot Cards] – Major Acrana: XIII – Death

của Hânn Nguyễn

0 – Keywords

Ending, Begin, Changed, Transformation, Mortality, Destruction, Rebirth, Creation, Suddenly, Unexpected, Transitional

1 – Overview

– Death refers to an ending with the image of the death driving a white horse and many people kneeling: death is invariable and can not be changed. The death takes place regardless of being rich or poor, right or wrong, man or women…
– Death implies that a stage has already finished/completed that you can not resist. From this stage, you will take a new step or develop new things based on old experience.
– There is going to be a sudden change that you do not expect.
– The death could imply good/bad (depends on which card accompanies with it). The most important thing is your reaction: You think it is the end, you’re hoping to start a brand new journey.
– Death implies that you can get rid of bad habits or unhealthy lifestyles.

2- Character

– You have the tendency to assume that everything happens naturally and there’s no need to resist.
– Not much preparation in advance for important events.
– You’re trendier than other people.
– Sometimes you’re too realistic and neutral.

3 – Daily Meaning

– A problem will be solved/ended within the day.
– Realize the necessity to change.
– A day as usual

4 – Job

– Should not force yourself to follow the rules. If you think you’re suitable with jobs that give more freedom to you, follow it.
– If you find it hard to leave your job because your income is still fine, it’s time to look for other job opportunity or develop your current job to a higher stage.
– You can change your current position or change job but it is based on your current job.

5 – Love

– If you feel uncomfortable in your relationship, speak to your partner.
– Discuss and give opinions so that both of you can change to match to the other one.
– Get out of your safety zone to feel love.
– Face all problems you made in your relationship and fix them.
– End a relationship/move on to the next level of your relationship/come back to your ex/date someone that makes you feel like your ex (if accompanied with Wheel of fortune, The world or Court Cards).

6- Finance

– It can warn an ending in investment/selling a certain type of product.
– Reinvest in the investment portfolio you believe to be effective.
– It could refer to the loss of money/ineffective investment

7 – Travel

– Finish a trip
– Go on a trip to finish something
– Unable to travel

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