[My 78 Tarot Cards] – Major Acrana: XII – The Hanged Man

của Hânn Nguyễn

0 – Keywords

Satisfied, Wisdom, Limited, Observer, Restriction, Manifest, Waiting, Persistent, Patient, Thinking, Postpone, Vision, Prudence, Concentration, Knowledge, Experiences, Refresh

1 – Overview

– The Hanged Man ends the zodiac cycle, showing the image of The Fool when he’s already grown up and become the Hanged Man.
– Hesitation appears when you see The hanged in your story but this hesitation is necessary.
– Delay occurs. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable and difficult to make decisions.
– You should take a step back to go further later: Wait patiently for better opportunities.
– Do not try to resist or find a negative way to get out of the current situation. Instead, accepting and analyzing for the long run.
– Sometimes the Hanged Man talks about moving back and tie yourself in an unfavourable situation to make a long step in the future.
– You also need to quit some habits to achieve your goal.
– Manifest yourself to achieve a state of spiritual freedom and comfort in everything.

2- Character

– Mental problems make you feel confused.
– Sometimes you are a bit conservative in some issues. It’s time to get new insights and experience more.
– Sometimes you are shy and tend to delay many important goals.

3 – Daily Meaning

– You feel a bit frustrated or your plans didn’t work out.
– Be patience to avoid conflicts and feelings inhibited.
– Change your perceptions in a different way to feel more comfortable.

4 – Job

– Try to consider and do your work carefully.
– Your situation at work can be disadvantageous to you.
– Look for or get information about another job.
– Keep calm and think about the consequences before doing anything.
– Need to have a broader perspective of your work.

5 – Love

– Time for reflection about the relationship, not arguing.
– Needs to have a different perspective on the relationship or renew the relationship by changing your mindset about your partner as well as accepting his/ her character.
– May not want to date in order to focus on another problem.

6- Finance

– Find another person to consider your investment
– Some unexpected news related to your concern of investment
– Limitation in your spending and income.

7 – Travel

– Quite difficult to go far or feel uncomfortable in your trip
– Delay an upcoming trip for a better one
– Problems to your travel lead to a delay.

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