[My 78 Tarot Cards] – Major Acrana: XI – Justice

của Hânn Nguyễn

0 – Keywords

Equity, Probity, Rightness, Laws, Discipline, Logic, Prejudice, Judger, Victory, Struggle, Karma, Truth, Self-Awareness, Power, Force, Thinking, Strict, Fairness

1 – Overview

– Justice describes a woman holding a sword on her right hand which says that justice is always right, and a balance on the left which expresses emotion and intuitive equitably.
– Justice represents justice, reason and logic.
– Justice reminds you of the law of Cause and Effect: You get what you have done. What you are getting now is what you have accumulated and created from the past.
– Events that happened to you are closely linked, as a warning of your actions.
– Control and balance the situation/ factors that affect you.
– Find reasonable and fair solutions.
– This is a time when you should be honest with yourself and others. Besides, forgive everything that has happened.
– Justice is a signal from cosmic energy that there is nothing better than honesty and justice.
– Justice also implies that you must become confident and fair to yourself instead of being influenced by others and changing your decisions/beliefs.
– If you are involved in legal issues, Justice mentions that you will win if you tell the truth and obey the law from the beginning. No fraud can change the final result.
– You need to fulfil or be responsible for some important issues.
– You know the truth and it’s time make to the decision.

2- Character

– You are straightforward and very sensitive to lies.
– You often require fairness and want everything to be clear.
– Sometimes you feel concerned because everything cannot be perfect and sometimes the boundary between right and wrong is too vague.
– You believe in karma or at least you are always responsible /learn to live responsibly.
– Sometimes your words make other people feel unhappy but it really comes from your thought.
– You always try to solve problem rationally.

3 – Daily Meaning

– You need to make an important decision today/today might be a start to make important decisions that will affect your life later
– You need to be objective when considering problems.
– You realize that all the events happened to your life has a connection, but not really certain about that.

4 – Job

– Be sure to balance your work.
– Be honest and tell the truth to avoid conflicts/gossip.
– Need to have a subjective viewpoint when working in a group and make a straight suggestion.

5 – Love

– Ask your partner about your relationship in the long run.
– Should make long term decisions.
– If you’re single, it’s not a good time to date.
– If you’re looking for someone to love, you’ll find one but you need to set clear the goal of this relationship.

6- Finance

– Good.
– Signal for a tough time for your finance.
– Be a smart consumer and investor.

7 – Travel

– You need to tackle down all your problems before you decide to travel.
– Be careful of paperwork and legal issues when travelling.



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