[My 78 Tarot Cards] – Major Acrana: X – Wheel of Fortune

của Hânn Nguyễn

X - Wheel of Fortune

0 – Keywords

Chance, Destiny, Fortune, Victory, Success, Eternity of time, Karma, Life Cycles, Permanent, Lucky

1 – Overview

– Wheel of Fortune represents a continuous process of gaining experiences, learning lessons in life that everyone has to go through.
– Wheel of Fortune often comes with another major card to demonstrate the lesson to overcome in that card.
– The Wheel of destiny is irresistible. Whatever happens to you, bad or good, you should be ready to take and develop/change it to a positive way.
– Obvious: Life is full of sudden ups and downs. Keep yourself comfortable and active to handle everything when it happens.
– Accept, repair, learn, be brave to stand up after the incident instead of being pessimistic and letting go.


2 – Daily Meaning

– Today is the same as usual.
– The day of luck/destiny.
– It is possible that a long-standing truth would be revealed or you would realize that out of sudden.
– A sudden chance or an important decision that you would make.
– Karma.

3 – Job

– Wheel of Fortune encourages you to pursue your dream or choose the right job that is suitable for you.
– Some unexpected challenges or truths revealed regards to work.
– An important decision would be made (possibly related to job transfer /moving/promotion/new position).

4 – Love

– If your love is in trouble, you both need some time to think or a pause to reset your love.
– If you’re not sure, this is the time to break up.
– There is a possibility that you will return to your ex (if accompanied by Ace of Cups or Court Cards.)
– If your relationship is already stable, The Wheel is a great signal for your future, possibly an engagement/marriage (if accompanied by The World, The Empress or The Lovers).

5- Finance

– Maybe you will change the habit of using money.
– Good and long-term investment opportunities if you have considered the plan carefully.
– If you have invested too much for nothing, consider stopping and changing your type of investment.
– You should have backup money.

6 – Travel

– It is the moment you make a sudden decision in regards to traveling. Good luck.

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