[My 78 Tarot Cards] – Major Acrana: IX – The Hermit

của Hânn Nguyễn


0 – Keywords

Waiting, Knowledge, Prudence, Loneliness, Treason, Thinking, Manifest, Wisdom, Meditation, Intuition, Teacher, Sympathy, Self-Awareness, Introspection, Being Alone, Soul-searching

1 – Overview

– The Hermit depicts an old man with a lantern knowledge in the dark.
– The Hermit is the card about waiting and he knows for sure what he’s looking forward is coming.
– The Hermit shows the moment when you feel lonely and almost impossible to open your heart to anyone.
– The lesson in the hermit is patience and it’s time to go deeper into your mind and explore the other sides within you.
– You have hidden thoughts and it can not be shared with anyone, you learn new things when you go alone.
– The answers to your questions are always clear inside you, learn to question and revise your problem rather than ask others.
– You are talented, especially in matters related to education, guidance.

2- Character

– You are quite persistent with your goals.
– You like to have private space and intimate relationships.
– You like to learn information through reading and exploring
– You have the potential to be a good instructor, teacher.

3 – Daily Meaning

– You want to have more time for yourself.
– You feel lonely.
– You’re questioning yourself and the answer is right inside you.
– Be careful in everything and slow down your pace of life.

4 – Job

– Nearly reach the point where you can succeed in your work.
– Do the best to be organized.
– Need to have time to think thoroughly.
– Have the tendency to work alone/being uncomfortable when working in a group.

5 – Love

– Possible for romance in past re-kindled
– You have no attention to your current love
– Lovers: It claims about the time that both of you staying so far from each other

6- Finance

– Think carefully before spending it.
– Your investment is profitable but needs to carefully keep track.
– Serious about making/using money.

7 – Travel

– Good time to find a quiet space and think.
– Not suitable in noisy places.
– Wait for information/allowance about the trip.

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