[My 78 Tarot Cards] – Major Acrana: VII – The Chariot

của Hânn Nguyễn

0 – Keywords

Begin, Control, Victory, Journey, Persistent, Young, Balance, Beauty, Pride, Authority, Leadership, Self-Embodied, Pain, Will, Force, Transitional, Freedom

1 – Overview

– The Chariot is the image of a person driving a chariot from hell with two black and white sphinxes, which represents the balance of gender, yin – yang, and the law of the universe.
– The Chariot expresses the aggression and desire to conquer all challenges.
– Besides, people often think about arrogance, ego or bisexual beauty shown in the card.
– The lesson inside The Chariot is about modesty: ignoring your ego and selfishness to learn, prove yourself and build better relationships with others instead of showing off.
– The Chariot is about struggling and winning your weakness inside as well as trying to balance the outside to get what you want.
– In addition, you need to motivate yourself and try to accomplish your goals instead of worrying too much. Be modest, patient and seek support when needed.
– Pairs of words to describe the Chariot: overwhelm and defeat ~ conquer and confront.
– The Chariot often expresses impatience and childish as well as taking action and ignore everything. This card implies that although it sounds good to completely focus on doing the missions, The Chariot is vulnerable to basic mistakes or lack of experience for not listening or not considering things carefully.
– This card also mentions that you will buy a new means of transportation or you will have a long trip, which could be traveling/going on a business/studying abroad/…

2- Character

– You are quite impatient, kind of assertive and rarely listen to other people’s experience.
– Your beauty is attractive to both men and women.
– Sometimes you are too impulsive and complacent.
– You need to learn to be patient and give up your ego.
– You have the ability to lead well and have a tendency to take action, insist on making everything happens rather than waiting.

3 – Daily Meaning

– Have a short trip.
– Take part in meetings or discussions.
– Avoid arguing and think more carefully.

4 – Job

– Be calm with any unexpected incidents.
– You have prejudices/discomfort when working with someone.
– Motivate yourself to overcome all challenges, criticism. Try to find motivation from other people and collaborate to achieve good results.
– Show the right attitude at work, especially be humble and try hard to accomplish your tasks.
– Might go on a business or study higher.

5 – Love

– Maybe someone likes/loves you during this time.
– You have the charm and confidence to make people pay attention but it’s not the love you want.
– Ego is preventing you both from confessing, giving and loving each other more.
– You need to be honest and straightforward with your partner but not to be careless with your words. This is the stage that you need to be modest and gentle to maintain your relationship.

6- Finance

– You have shopping plans and your means of transportation is all favorable.
– Pay the debt (if any).
– Should consult with people who have more experience. 
– Do not make quick decisions.

7 – Travel

– Possibly to work abroad or study higher education for your job.
– Long trip, possibly working or studying abroad/traveling/ living aboard…
– You make and implement your decision.



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