[My 78 Tarot Cards] – Major Acrana: VI – The Lovers

của Hânn Nguyễn

0 – Keywords

Attraction, Love, Beauty, Balance, Sexual, Compassion, Communication, Choices, Result, Overcome, Decision, Responsible, Options, Godness, Fulfillment, Emotional, Subconscious, Plan, Destiny.

1 – Overview

– The Lovers depicts a picture of God blessing a man and woman naked.
– Behind the man is Tree of Knowledge, while behind the woman is Tree of Life. It describes a clear distinction: the man represents knowledge/the good/passion and the desire to learn, while the woman represents the temptation, lust.
– The way the man looks at the woman represents the deep thirst in our soul. The way woman looks at the angel symbolizes the increasing level of emotion → subconscious → meta-cognition.
– In general, you need to learn to be responsible for your decisions and actions at all times in your life.
– Some decisions you can not control or it is made up by the unconscious or from the universe/divine.
– The Lovers reminds you to consider your words, actions, and thoughts, especially in interactions between intimate relationships.
– When you realize the importance of making decisions/considering the current situation, you will always know what you should decide, but it’s hard to come up with the final decision because you have too many thoughts/temptations.
– The Lovers show up, the one you choose might extremely the right or wrong.

2- Character

– You often feel hesitant when making important decisions.
– You need to learn to be responsible for your actions.
– You need to balance every aspect of life.
– You should think positively and accept the truth.
– Sometimes you follow your intuition and act unconsciously rather than intentionally.
– You have both positive and negative lifestyle.

3 – Daily Meaning

– Consider long term responsibility before taking action.
– Think about chance and decisions.
– Your thought is quite realistic.

4 – Job

– Suggest important work orientation.
– Need time to analyze information carefully.
– Always be careful.
– Should have a vision of possible result in the future.

5 – Love

– The Lovers can be understood that a relationship is moving forward. There is an unconscious connection between them. Love and Trust each other with respect, listening with responsibility.
– You’re considering a decision about love.
– If you are single, this may be a good time to think about romance.
– Maybe you will meet and love a new person/love the old one/heal with your current lover to take a new step.

6- Finance

– Keep track.
– Some things can wait to be bought, but some things can not be sure. If you feel that you should buy it, buy it now.
– Make the right decision on investment by considering the advice of other people and your point of view.
– It could be either too profitable or a big loss.

7 – Travel

– Be careful with unqualified service.
– Consider, make a clear plan and arrange everything.
– Ask yourself: “Whether you’re ready for this trip or not?”
– Solve other problems thoroughly before going.

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