[My 78 Tarot Cards] – Major Acrana: V – The Hierophant

của Hânn Nguyễn

0 – Keywords

Marriage, Alliance, Captivity, Mercy, Inspiration, Godness, Tradition, Laws, Discipline, Teacher, Leader, Diplomacy, Subconscious, Unconcious Awareness, Control, Bored, Guider, Unchanged

1 – Overview

– The Hierophant depicts a picture of a teacher /missionary sitting on a high chair lecturing the pupils.
– The Hierophant represents the aspects of spirituality, the connect between the 3 worlds.
– This is a good time to retreat and find your interest in religion, spiritual forms and self-discovery through meditation or yoga.
– The Hierophant mentions that you are stuck in a traditional situation and it’s hard break the norm or the common habit of society.
– You will not be fond of changes at this time, or you’re just considering changing mindset/ breaking the rules.
– You may have ideas in reform/ change but don’t dare to do.
– The Hierophant tells you to motivate yourself to learn more.
– Avoid quarrels with people who has more power than you.
– Be careful about speaking out your personal views against the general view.

2- Character

– You are a traditional person who likes to see things in order.
– You are slightly cautious about fast changing or breaking old rules.
– You are family oriented and suitable for finding out about religious and spiritual issues.
– You also have the ability to be a teacher, instructor.

3 – Daily Meaning

– Same day as usual and you feel a little stuffy.
– A day for you to learn new things.
– Enhance your strengths confidently.
– Avoid conflict with the older/more powerful people.

4 – Job

– You may find a teacher or a mentor that you have been needing appears in your life now.
– Good time to get involved with groups.
– You find a lot of things can learn from group.
– Work within the rule.
– Learn to listen and respect your mentor.

5 – Love

– Romance is coming in good & traditional way.
– Not time to “buck the system”.
– Consider carefully if you intend to do something out of the box.
– Spend time for each other.
– Be comfortable with yourself. Avoid being effected by other people.

6- Finance

– Keep your money as traditional way.
– Seeks advice of bankers or managers when you want to invest.
– Good time to invest in long-term assests.
– Not good in stocks and bonds investments.

7 – Travel

– Try to adapt to local environment when moving to new land.
– Ask for permission from family: consider whether to go or not.
– If you want to travel, you need certain conditions.



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