[My 78 Tarot Cards] – Major Acrana: IV – The Emperor

của Hânn Nguyễn

0 – Keywords

Stability, Power, Aid, Protection, Conviction, Reason, Control, Masculine, Leader, King, Authority, Discipline, Self-Control, Defense, Laws, Ambition, Wisdom, Experiences, Notable

1 – Overview

– In contrast to The Empress, The Emperor is cold and strict, more like a father.

– With his experience, The Emperor is promising to be a leader: principle, authority and foresight.

– The Emperor is the king who rules the throne with his bravery and wisdom to control and give direction in everything. The Emperor may be the one who gives you better advice than ever, but you have to be respectful and eager to learn.

– When you see this card, you will feel secured because your plan will involve the presence of an older/more experienced person, giving you useful information and advice as well as planning.

– The Emperor recommends keeping focus at work and avoiding external influences that change your decision.

– The Emperor represents a person who will give you all the support you need when you ask for help, or it could be that The Emperor wants to help you, but you must follow his will.

– It is when you can make decisions or set up good plans.

– Build the foundation to pass on the experience to the next generation.

2- Character

– The Emperor tends to set rules to achieve success.
– He also regularly listens to other people, but when making decisions, he has his views and opinions.
– The Emperor refers to the father, teacher or anyone who has a substantial impact on your life, work, speculation.
– The Emperor is concerned with giving order and executing decisions, so you can be an ideal role model if you develop yourself in the direction of a leader or educator.

3 – Daily Meaning

– You need to bring your life back to its routine.
– Something happens that will involve the older people like father/ uncle/ your senior/boss…
– Balance different aspects of life.
– Respect and follow the rules.

4 – Job

– You may be doing a good job or will be nominated as a leader.
– You are influential and prestigious to people work with and receive admiration.
– Learn how to organise things and make a plan.
– The results are often as good as you expected.
– Use your logic to gain an advantage and win/pass the exam.
– Expand your safety area and show your ability.

5 – Love

– You love the one who is older/has more experience than you.
– This person has an attractive charisma and influences you.
– Need patience in love to develop sustainably.
– Sometimes your lover is cold and imposed.

6- Finance

– Shown a need for discipline, you should use logic for your financial plan.
– Are you treating your money with respect?
– Do not focus on the lack now, because it will grow.
– Pay attention to what you have.

7 – Travel

– Your trip requires the consent of your father/brother/uncle…
– Meet an older man.
– Remind you to make a plan and arrange well before going.
– Need to have contingency plans and ask for experiences from experienced ones.



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