[My 78 Tarot Cards] – Major Acrana: I- The Magician

của Hânn Nguyễn


0 – Keywords

Begin, Journey, Skilful, Power, Communication, Inspiration, Taking Action, Master, Loneliness, Control, Will, Inventor, Vigorous, Teacher, Knowledge, Determine, Plan, Concentration, Ambitious, Management, Awareness, Committed, Disaster, Loss, Self-Confidence, Pain, Sickness, Adviser, Diplomacy, Experiences, Truth, Chance

1 – Overview

– He is the Master of Nature, the person who receives and creates power with 4 elements combination from the divine. He is an inventor, creator and the one who will never be defeated. He is the gap between the humanity and the divine. He is able to change the energy of the Universe into something on the Planet Ground that more realistic and useful to human-beings life.
– Opposite to The Fool, The Magician himself is so talented, sophisticated in diplomacy and also self-aware, egotism.
– Your resources enable you to do everything, all thing you need to do is making it happens.
– This card is a signal. In this period, you must take action consciously and make a decision. You are also committed to getting your goals with clear ambition.
– You can create or have everything in your hands to pursue and achieve your goals.
– When the chance comes, use it to create your life cycle. It mentions a situation which has been (soon or later) expressed to you, who have all the inherent elements to allow the manifestation of your desires.

2- Character

– You might be so talented, sophisticated in diplomacy and also self-aware and egotism. You’re a wise person who has many experiences and tries to balance, brain-storm your resources before you start anything.
– Usually, The Magician – you were born to be a communicator, advisor, consultor or a manager.
– You have an optimistic attitude in most situations, jobs, problems and the way to solve, keep track it logically.
– Sometimes you may be confused about yourself because you have an ability to do many things.

3 – Daily Meaning

– Something new is coming to your path.
– You have permission to active anything happens.
– It seems that everything is under your control.
– Use your resources wisely.
– Make your decision based on your experiments, not others.
– Try to consider other opinions.

4 – Job

– You are the one who’d love to control everything in your lifetime, your job isn’t excepted. You are self-aware so clear about your pros and cons.
– As if your performance was so well in the last period, you desire to ask for a promotion in a job.
– Everything is just beginning: the new job or promotion etc, it claims your concentration and focuses to use your resources.
– You are the one who always strikes to the excellence.
– You intend to be a centre, a successor, a leader in this job and now you are ready to make it comes true.
– If you find a new job, it is an excellent time and might be some opportunities will come to your path, you will know what to keep, what to decline up to your strengthens and weaknesses.
– This card mention about a situation you may be starting a side job or a part-time job.

5 – Love

– Might be your partner would be/ already is a person whom you expect or not. No matter who he/she is, relax, go with the flow and try to think outside box instead of controlling and demonstrating love too much (even though you want everything to be like you wish) Don’t tide your relationship, ask your partner (sometimes, he/she will have a feeling that you make him/her a fool because you don’t interact with them based on the principles of equality).
– Single: It’s time to love and meet someone new coming to your life. It’s a good time to meet up and date.
– In the relationship: you might want to rise this relationship to new higher stage of love or you guys should have time to consider everything by a gap-period: go slower, think carefully about future and talk honestly to each other.

6- Finance

– It is a perfect time to buy or make a financial decision. Go ahead and do it!
– Sometimes you tend to be a shopaholic, be careful and consider everything you planned to buy wisely.
– Some chances allow you to earn more money.

7 – Travel

– When The Magician appears in travel question, whatever happens, will up to your plan.



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